Make the Switch to a Family Dentist

Make the Switch to a Family Dentist in Keller, TX

When families are deciding on a dentist it can be difficult. There are a lot of factors to consider and it can be stressful having your family visit several different dentists. Luckily family dentist’s can help take away the stress by having everybody in your family visit the same place. At Dr. Schreiner’s office, we understand how important it is for everyone in your family to have healthy mouths. Give yourself some time to relax because everyone in your family is taken care of at Dr. Schreiner’s. Below are some of our favorite reasons to switch to a family dentist in Keller, TX.

The Dentist’s Office isn’t a Travel Destination                                                                                        

We know that going to the dentist can evoke feelings of anxiety and fear. But going to the dentist as a family can make the process a little less scary. Doing anything by yourself can be hard but when you have someone else with you it becomes easier. Having your family with you can help younger children with unwanted stress and worries. It also allows you to show your children how important oral health care is. Whether it’s a routine checkup or a procedure, family by your side can be a great support.  

Learn About Oral Health Together

Everybody wants to have a healthy mouth that is free of pain. Teaching kids early is a great way to avoid later problems in life. You could be a great example to your kids or vice versa as everyone visits the dentist. Whether it’s brushing your teeth or flossing, learning how to take care of your mouth can be challenging. Having someone there to help you out is comforting and helps keep you on target for reaching your goal. You and your kids also have someone to be accountable to with brushing or flossing. When everyone in your family is going to the same family dentist in Keller, TX everyone can talk about their experiences and offer support to one another.

We Treat You like Family

Let us learn the names of everyone in your family! Running each kid to a different dentist is stressful. When you switch to a family dentist you give us the opportunity to meet everyone in your family. Recognizing familiar faces is great for children as they visit a place can be scary for them. Our staff is welcoming and friendly to our patients and we love to get to know your names. At our office we make it a priority to have our patients feel welcomed and treated like family.

A Family Friendly Environment

At our dentistry you will know that you are receiving the best care possible. Our main focus is collaboration between dentists so every patient is receiving the best treatment plan possible. Our office environment is warm and friendly but we also maintain a professional attitude. The goal of our office is to make you feel safe and confident as you receive dental care from your dental professionals.


Making the switch to a family dentist can be easy and beneficial! Stop stressing and give your family the best oral health care possible.

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