Denture Relining & Repair

Dentures are customized to perfectly fit your mouth. When first applied, the dentures fit tight and secure. Over time however, dentures can erode the gum tissues making the denture less secure inside of your mouth. This erosion causes the denture to become loose and more prone to movement inside of your mouth. To keep the denture secure, and optimally functional, have your dentures relined at least once every one to two years. Denture relining is an easy process that will keep your dentures fitting like brand new. Other denture repairs may be needed throughout the lifetime of your denture as well, and here at Dr. Schreiner’s office we offer a variety of such denture repair services. If any repairs are needed on your dentures such as tooth chipping, relining, adjustments due to sore spots or if you need a full denture rebase, our team will work with you to ensure that your dentures are healthy and working optimally for your comfort and convenience. It is recommended that the entire denture is replaced every 5 to 7 years and throughout the lifetime of your denture, our team at Dr. Schreiner’s will be here to help with any repairs you might need.