In 1985 Dr. Schreiner moved to Keller, TX to establish his practice where he has been serving his patients ever since. Dr. Schreiner wanted to establish and maintain a practice centered on general dentistry and full dental care for patients of all ages. Being a family man that has been married to his wife, Lauri, for over 31 years, with two children of their own, Dr. Schreiner incorporates his strong family values into his work, helping many patients and their families throughout his career. One of his specialties is Pediatric dentistry. Dr. Schreiner makes sure to maintain a comfortable relaxing environment in his office, with only the highest quality of staff and assistants so that patients of all ages can feel welcomed and at home.

At the office of Dr. James M. Schreiner D.D.S, we offer a variety of dental services in general, cosmetic and pediatric dentistry. We use all the latest in dental technology to make our procedures more efficient for our patients. Feel free to browse our website for a comprehensive list of all that we offer and call us today to schedule an appointment. At the office of Dr. James M. Schreiner, we are family, and we will use our expertise and dedication to excellence to get you get the smile of your dreams.


Labs Work Done in America

It takes a lot of work by all members of a dental team to produce good dentistry.  Some of those team members are the employees at Dr. Schreiner’s office.  Others area the lab technicians that produce the crowns, bridges, dentures, and partial dentures that Dr. Schreiner provides for patients.  All of the labs used by Dr. Schreiner are located in the USA and do not outsource any work to foreign countries.  All lab work is made in the USA.  Dr. Schreiner maintains close contact with lab owners and will call to discuss difficult or complicated cases.  Dr. Schreiner has chosen labs that consistently produce quality work.  Having worked with one lab for over 25 years, Dr. Schreiner does not “lab shop” looking for the cheapest price, or use discount coupons from unknown labs.  Dr. Schreiner knows when he prescribes work to be done, it will be done to the highest standards.


No Grey Market Supplies

Dr. Schreiner purchases all of his clinical supplies from authorized dealers.  He does not purchase “internet special” supplies.  Only supplies purchased from authorized dealers can be assured to have been properly stored and maintained, and shipped.  Dr. Schreiner believes that quality materials that he can use with confidence will allow the best results.  High quality materials, purchased from reputable sources are key to successful restorative dentistry.  


Patient Safety

Dr. Schreiner works to improve safety for patients and employees.  Patients are provided with appropriate protections for all procedures.  All X-rays are modern digital equipment.  Lead aprons with thyroid collars are provided for patients.  During operative procedures, patients are provided with safety glasses.


Appropriate Use of Specialist Referral

Dr. Schreiner knows that at times due to complications or difficulties, certain procedures should be accomplished by a specialist.  Dr. Schreiner maintains good relationships with several local specialists in each field.  Whatever the need or complication, Dr. Schreiner knows local specialists that can help.  Whether it is a specialist that treats severe gum disease, does difficult root canals, treats only children, places implants, or does braces, Dr. Schreiner has maintained working relationships with several specialists, and can refer patients knowing that they will be well cared for.